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Content is king! If you haven’t heard this phrase yet you will come across this in every other article about modern SEO and SEO content strategy. This statement became so popular that in a rush for quantity and length a lot of digital marketers forgot about the reason why this even became the case.

In content creation and content marketing strategy we believe in exceptional quality and a true value to users. This means that every content piece should have a proper planning and structure behind it. Each topic should be written appropriately, not longer and not shorter then what a user wants and needs to know.

What we do to come up with ultimate SEO content strategy:

  • Market Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Detailed Article Briefs
  • Internal Linking
  • On-page Optimization
  • Existing Content Review

Our content marketing services combine deep keywords and niche research, competitor analysis, search trends, best SEO practices, and on-page optimization essentials to provide bespoke digital content strategy to attract your target audience on every step of their user journey.


At each step of content creation, we will be working closely with you and your content writers, whether you have a content team in-house or use outsourced services. We can also help you find and manage content writers in case you don’t have anyone at the moment.

Our content strategy services focus but are not limited to blog content. Depending on your needs, market trends and opportunities, we can work with you on:

SEO Blog Posts

Blog Posts

Detailed SEO Content Briefs

Detailed Guides

Infrographics for SEO


Interactive SEO

Interactive Elements

We help businesses and customers find each other

You put your time and sweat to build a product that aims to bring value to your target audience. We are here to make sure that your business gets the attention it deserves.

Looking to Create an SEO-Friendly Editorial Plan?

If you are willing to take your content creation to the next level but don’t know where to start, we provide a full scale editorial services keeping SEO in mind. This means that we will take care of your content operation from A to Z including ensuring regular high quality publications, ever-green and timely content, informational, transactional, and promotional articles, recommendations for additional resources, guides, FAQ ideas and more.

Our content strategy focuses but is not limited to blog content. Depending on your needs, market trends and opportunities, we can work with you on:

  • Detailed guides
  • Infographics
  • Interactive elements & pages

How does it work?


First thing first, we will discuss you website, product, or service with you and learn all the most important elements of your business as well as identify strengths and weaknesses we website content currently faces. We will discuss you Unique Selling Point, target audience, current content performance and more. This will help us identify the overall content direction that will be the most beneficial for your website that all parties are happy with.


Once we have all necessary information, we will start or in-depth content research through analysing relevant keywords, competitors’ content strategies, industry trends, audience interests and challenges and more. This will help us to build our core topics and establish a direction to expand on as we move along.


When we have an initial list of topics, we will start working on an initial editorial plan outlining what and in which order will be covered 1 to 6 months in advance making sure that content creation process will go as smoothly as possible. This plan can and will be amended to the changes in landscape and latest trend as we move from month to month.


At this stage we will start working though topics providing detailed recommendation on content creation for content writers (whether in-house or outsourced). This will include detailed information on the optimal word count, content structure, heading and subheading, specific information that must be included, notes on the voice, and keyword to mention.

QA & Optimisation

Once written, we will be reviewing each and every content piece making sure all guidelines were followed and all elements are in place. We will ensure to send any content that is not up to par back to the writers along with detailed explanations and guidelines on how to fix all the issues.


Depending on our agreements we will either provide detailed guidelines on all steps of the publication process, or take care of it ourselves. This will include final HTML touches, adding anchor texts to all visuals, optimising the final URLs, as well as publishing and scheduling content once all elements are in place.


Content Strategy 1

All prices will be provided on an hourly basis depending on the scope of the on-going campaign or content based project.

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