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Our technical website SEO services are geared towards actionable insights to make proactive changes in order to ensure that your website follows Google’s latest guidelines and has a solid foundation to achieve its full potential.

360° Technical SEO Consultancy

Our expert technical SEO services bridge website development and digital marketing, delivering powerful solutions that enhance the overall performance, usability and search engine rankings of your website. Our unparalleled expertise encompasses a wide range of critical technical elements that are essential for optimising your website, with a focus on providing professional, high-quality, and results-driven services.

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Technical SEO Audits

When evaluating organic performance, a technical SEO audit is our first step to see where you stand. It defines a strong foundation for the best results in the future. Our comprehensive audits may cover over 100 different elements, from site speed and indexation issues, to current SEO optimisation, website usability, content relevancy accessibility and more.

Website Migrations & Mergers

Whether you are changing the domain name, moving from/to using subdomains, merging or separating websites, these changes will significantly impact your indexation and overall technical SEO performance. We provide full migration guidance, from choosing the best option for your needs to creating an optimal structure and a full redirect plan, whilst working closely with all teams involved to ensure the migration will go as smoothly as possible.

Content Re-Fresh & Rebranding

If structure and design are the face, then the content is the heart of any website. Therefore, it is needless to say that it is crucial not to underestimate the impact content changes can have on the overall website performance. We have a wide range of experience guiding our client’s through branding and messaging changes in the most SEO-friendly way possible since we believe that quality SEO should enhance your company’s voice.

Development & Pre-Launch

Why fix it later if you can get it right from the get-go? Don’t underestimate the importance of having an experienced technical SEO consultant in place from the start. Involving professional technical SEO services during the development stage will not only help you build a better website but will also decrease unnecessary development and SEO costs in the future. We will work closely with your content and development teams providing detailed technical documentation and guidance to ensure the strongest SEO foundation from day one.

Post Launch & Post Migration SEO Assessment

Launching a website is a high-stress endeavour; therefore, part of our job is to make it a high reward one as well. Whether you’ve just gone live or migrated a short while ago, we’ll use our technical SEO expertise to assess and evaluate the outcomes of your website launch, identify issues, and work closely with all required teams to resolve any problems as early and smoothly as possible.

Google Update Analysis & Recovery

Google algorithms are ever-evolving, but some updates may bring more noticeable consequences and even permanent changes to SERPs. Whether you need professional guidance to stabilize and improve your technical SEO performance that fluctuates with updates, or you require a helping hand to get out of Google trouble, our goal is to bring you to the bright side by ensuring quality, optimal performance, and full compliance with Google guidelines.

Monitoring & Periodic Re-Evaluation

Every website has its own ecosystem that changes and evolves over time. Technical performance, changes to the designs, plugging updates, additional software integrations, a growing number of pages, sections, folders, languages, you name it. Therefore regular monitoring and periodic audits are essential for overall website health and smooth technical SEO performance.

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Gideon is a true professional who shows a keen interest in showing results, as well as an understanding of the business mechanisms for our company. Gideon has shown, time after time that he is an expert SEO, in terms of strategy, technical, and overall marketing expertise. I highly recommend Gideon.
SEO Specialist
Since Lemon Pulse Ltd's involvement, the website has received more traffic month over month and boasts improved usability. The team keeps internal stakeholders informed on what they're working on at any given time. This helps manage expectations.
Alona is a hard-working, super-professional professional that brings a lot to any table. She helped us a face various challenges in the areas of marketing & SEO, and always with fast & creative solutions. She has excellent communication and business intelligence skills and I think any organization will be lucky to work with her!
CEO & Co-Founder
Gideon is an SEO professional which gives a true, significant added value to our company. He's a fast learner and very communicative and responsive. Always open with information, new ideas and a positive attitude. I would gladly recommend working with him.
Regional Marketing Manager (APAC)
I've had the pleasure of working with Gideon on consultancy basis. He was very professional, and had exceptionally great communication skills. It was always pleasant to talk with Gideon and it was evident that he made his best in trying to answer every question I had. Looking forward to working with you again!
With Lemon Pulse Ltd's SEO expertise, the team ranked on Google's first page for relevant keywords. They highlighted key results in the monthly reports and were highly responsive to questions. Their technical SEO expertise and proactive approach allowed them to progress toward their goals quickly.
Department Head
Alona is a thoughtful and savvy SEO, that executes and communicates at a high level, and her content expertise shines through. But above all, and what played a significant part in my decision to double down on our retainer, was her ability to adjust to our startup dynamics time and time again. While doing so I found her to be the trustworthy partner I was looking for. Be like Alona!
SEO Expert
The ongoing service from Lemon Pulse Ltd pleases the client, as the work is strong and everything is done quicker than expected. Their dedication to resolving hurdles quickly stands out. Their smooth approach to the work and problem-solving mindset have been valuable.
The new website saw more users and user interactions month over month. Lemon Pulse Ltd’s high-quality development and marketing strategies beat expectations while meeting deadlines and budgets. Consistent communication, professionalism, and responsiveness enabled a smooth workflow.
Alena is an incredible marketing and SEO professional who consistently displays deep SEO knowledge. In the few years we worked together, she provided creative solutions backed up by a diverse knowledge base of B2B marketing strategies and tactics. Alena has always been a true partner of the marketing teams she supports. Moreover, she has excellent communication skills, making working with her both enjoyable and productive.
Demand Generation & Growth Marketing Leader

FAQs about our Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO services are an essential part of an overall organic strategy. Technical SEO is primarily focusing on code-related elements that can affect website performance, load speed, crawlability, indexability, website hierarchy, cross-device performance, correct integrations with supporting tools and more.

In most cases, our technical SEO services are offered as a part of ongoing SEO management. We believe that truly valuable technical assessment should go beyond compiling a list of issues for developers to fix. It should also take business priorities into consideration, as well as be able to future-proof your website for business growth. However, in some rare cases of re-developing complex websites, it may be reasonable to work in stages by providing a full audit first as a stand-alone service and then coming back to a more well-rounded SEO strategy during later development stages, closer to the launch of the website.

We have extensive experience working with various content management systems as well as custom-built websites. This means that we know the benefits, pitfalls, and challenges of working with a particular CMS as well as the limitations and possibilities they have to provide the most complete development guidelines.

In many cases, we can assist you with the implementation of technical and on-page recommendations. However, we do not provide full-scale development services since we work with many clients across various content management systems as well as with custom websites and therefore, we do not have the expertise to equally support all platforms. It is best practice to work with a dedicated developer with intimate knowledge of your specific system.

With that in mind, we do have intimate knowledge of WordPress; therefore, if your website is on WP, we could offer more extensive development services.

When it comes to technical SEO, your results would depend on your specific issues. Major technical fixes could have almost immediate results translating into better performance and effective indexation. However, in most cases, technical SEO is a foundation that allows other SEO activities to bring results sooner. This means that technical improvements on their own, especially when it comes to younger websites or those undergoing development, may not affect your traffic or rankings. However, SEO optimisation on a technically sound website would kick in sooner than the same efforts of a poor performing one.

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