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A comprehensive and SEO-friendly inbound content marketing strategy can be a transformational method of successful lead generation and sustainable growth. When it comes to content development, we believe in exceptional quality and true value to users. This means that every content piece should have proper planning, structure, and a clear thought process.

SEO content strategy essentials

Our SEO-driven content marketing services combine in-depth keyword research and niche/market/industry analysis, competitor overview, search trends, best practices, and on-page optimisation essentials to provide a bespoke inbound content strategy to attract your target audience on every step of their journey.

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We will discuss your Unique Selling Points, target audience, challenges they face, your current content performance, business goals, and more. This will help us identify an overall content direction that will be the most beneficial for your website and business as a whole.

SEO Keyword Research

Once we have all the necessary information, we will start our in-depth content research by analysing relevant keywords, competitors’ content strategies, industry trends, audience interests, challenges, alternative or complementary solutions, and more. This will help us to build our core topics and establish a direction to expand on as we move forward.

SEO Content Strategy Development

Once we have an initial inbound content strategy developed, we will start working on a tailored editorial plan outlining what and in which order will be covered within the next 1 to 6 months in advance, making sure that the content creation process will go as smoothly as possible. This plan can involve and will be adjusted based on the changes in the landscape and the latest trend as we move from month to month.

SEO Content Guidelines

At this stage, we will start working through topics, and provide detailed recommendations on content creation for your writers (in-house or outsourced). This will include detailed information on the optimal word count, content structure, heading and subheading, specific information that must be included, notes on the voice, keywords to mention, and what to avoid all while connecting each piece with the rest of the website content and business.

QA & Content Optimisation

Once written, we will review each and every content piece, ensuring all guidelines and elements are in place. We will ensure to send any content that is not up to par back to the writers, along with detailed explanations and guidelines on how to fix all the issues.

Content Visibility Improvements

Ensuring the highest quality of content is only one side of the coin when it comes to its potential performance in SERPs. The other part of the recipe is aiming to take up as much real estate on the SERPs as possible. This can include specific schema recommendations, changing the content/page structure, additional and complementary content creation. If there is a relevant SERP feature, from definitions and FAQs to recommended images and videos, we will try to get you there.

Progress Evaluations & Expansion

When it comes to content marketing, there is always room for improvement as trends and search behaviours change over time. Therefore, regular data analysis and progress reviews are imperative for sustainable growth and continuous progress. Once the content strategy execution starts, data will become our compass, ensuring we are staying on track and moving in the right direction.

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With Lemon Pulse Ltd's SEO expertise, the team ranked on Google's first page for relevant keywords. They highlighted key results in the monthly reports and were highly responsive to questions. Their technical SEO expertise and proactive approach allowed them to progress toward their goals quickly.
Department Head
Alona is a thoughtful and savvy SEO, that executes and communicates at a high level, and her content expertise shines through. But above all, and what played a significant part in my decision to double down on our retainer, was her ability to adjust to our startup dynamics time and time again. While doing so I found her to be the trustworthy partner I was looking for. Be like Alona!
SEO Expert
Gideon is a true professional who shows a keen interest in showing results, as well as an understanding of the business mechanisms for our company. Gideon has shown, time after time that he is an expert SEO, in terms of strategy, technical, and overall marketing expertise. I highly recommend Gideon.
SEO Specialist
The ongoing service from Lemon Pulse Ltd pleases the client, as the work is strong and everything is done quicker than expected. Their dedication to resolving hurdles quickly stands out. Their smooth approach to the work and problem-solving mindset have been valuable.
The new website saw more users and user interactions month over month. Lemon Pulse Ltd’s high-quality development and marketing strategies beat expectations while meeting deadlines and budgets. Consistent communication, professionalism, and responsiveness enabled a smooth workflow.
I've had the pleasure of working with Gideon on consultancy basis. He was very professional, and had exceptionally great communication skills. It was always pleasant to talk with Gideon and it was evident that he made his best in trying to answer every question I had. Looking forward to working with you again!
Alena is an incredible marketing and SEO professional who consistently displays deep SEO knowledge. In the few years we worked together, she provided creative solutions backed up by a diverse knowledge base of B2B marketing strategies and tactics. Alena has always been a true partner of the marketing teams she supports. Moreover, she has excellent communication skills, making working with her both enjoyable and productive.
Demand Generation & Growth Marketing Leader
Since Lemon Pulse Ltd's involvement, the website has received more traffic month over month and boasts improved usability. The team keeps internal stakeholders informed on what they're working on at any given time. This helps manage expectations.
Gideon is an SEO professional which gives a true, significant added value to our company. He's a fast learner and very communicative and responsive. Always open with information, new ideas and a positive attitude. I would gladly recommend working with him.
Regional Marketing Manager (APAC)
Alona is a hard-working, super-professional professional that brings a lot to any table. She helped us a face various challenges in the areas of marketing & SEO, and always with fast & creative solutions. She has excellent communication and business intelligence skills and I think any organization will be lucky to work with her!
CEO & Co-Founder

FAQs about our Content Strategy approach

SEO content development consists of planning and execution. Content strategy tailored to cater to SEO should respond to user interest that translates into Organic searches. SEO content services put users into the spotlight and aim to satisfy their demand for information while introducing your product and services, not the other way around (for example, in contracts to PR-driven content).

When it comes to a successful and effective inbound content marketing strategy, there is no one-fits-all approach. The content volume and density required depends on your goals, organic competition, user demand, limitations, and many other factors. And remember, quality always comes ahead of quantity.

Since a successful content marketing strategy should always be user-centric, the first step to make it work would be to identify your desired audience, their pain points, interest, and expectations. Support and education are the driving trust factors when it comes to effective content strategy.

Our goal is to connect the pain points, interests, and expectations of your target audience with your product and services in a way that they would find natural and valuable. In our content strategy, we will aim to showcase your expertise, industry knowledge, and know-how to solve the issues your potential customers are facing.

When it comes to content marketing results, there is no universal answer. The timeline of your progress would depend on content development speed, seasonality, SEO difficulty, competition, website power, and even technical website performance. If there isn’t a single factor that could slow the progress, then on average, you would expect the results in 3 to 6 months. However, the goal of an effective SEO content strategy is to bring stable and sustainable results quarter after quarter, year after year. Content strategy should always be approached as a long-term strategy as it matures over time.

Yes. We have broad experience working with B2B and B2C businesses (and their combinations) in various complex industries such as Healthcare, MedTech, medical devices and services, Pharma, HighTech and innovative technologies, Software, SaaS, FinTech and more.

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